Breast Care

Breast Care is blend of anatomy teaching, manual therapy, and self-care teachings to develop a nourishing and deeply caring relationship with our breasts. Our breast health care is vitally important to our emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health. Our breasts are a major area of the body where we give from energetically and physically. Through breast care we can learn to give back to ourselves and receive on a nourishing level, nurture ourselves, and experience a radically different relationship to our breast tissue.

Rachelle Garcia Seliga
“Our breasts are the place that we give from: to our babies, to our lovers and energetically to the world. As women, we are often wonderful givers, but not as wonderful receivers. Our breasts are giving us a wake-up call as women—to start taking care of ourselves: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, and to start receiving as much as we are giving, to be in right relationship with Life.”

Breast Care will support you in healing:

  • painful breasts
  • dense, fibrous, or cystic breasts
  • breast swelling and tenderness with hormonal changes
  • scar tissue healing post surgeries: mastectomy, lumpectomy, gender reaffirming surgery, breast reduction.
  • mastitis or blocked ducts
  • sexual trauma

Breast Care benefits:

  • increases lymphatic flow and blood circulation
  • decreases breast pain, swelling, and inflammation
  • support healing scar tissue
  • creates a healthier relationship and connection to our breasts and body
  • body literacy, we get to truly know our breasts
  • during pregnancy helps to open the breast tissue for milk to come in
  • during nursing helps prevent blockages and mastitis or heal from it
  • a beautiful way of teaching ourselves how to receive
  • increase energetic flow and sensitivity

During our sessions we will explore healing on the:

Biomechanical Level: assess full body alignment, movement and tension patterns that affect posture

Biochemical Level: discuss nutritional/gut health, hormonal health, and how these imbalances can create emotional and physical tension throughout our body

Emotional Level: how our life experiences and stories we hold affect our emotional and physical health creating armor in our tissue

Scar Tissue: scar tissue tends to spread like a spider’s web under the skin surface attaching to bones, nerves, blood vessels, ligaments, organs creating chaos and disruption in our bodily systems. Working with scar tissue integrating it gently back into the healthy surrounding tissue creating lasting change down to a cellular level.