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I have been practicing manual therapy since the age of 18. My craft comes from 14 years of continual education and thousands of hours of hands on experience. I was first introduced to healing therapies at 16 years old when my mom and I started doing yoga and going for massage therapy and energy healing. Paired with growing up on the farm taking care of baby animals, watching and sometimes helping animals give birth, being in nature and the garden all the time, I grew with a deep connection to our natural world and life’s cycles.

My mom and grandmother taught me about working with plants, the land, holistic healing, traditional cooking, connecting with the moon. My dad and grandfather taught me about connecting with and caring for animals, as well as caring for the land we grew up on. I spent my days wandering in the bushes or roaming the land on my horse. My ancestry and the way I grew up deeply informs the work I do now.

My work has taken many different forms over the past 14 years. Taking me down different roads that I never would have imagined. I walk this path humbled daily by the healing I have done, as well as the healing I have witnessed and supported.

These paths led me to heal my body, sexual traumas, and deep wounds I held in my body, belly, and pelvis. I have regained myself. I listen to my inner wisdom; I trust my resilient spirit. I have found freedom, lightness, and a deeper connection within my own body and mind.

I hold immense respect and reverence for this work, for your healing, and for my healing. Because this work is all of ours. To become rooted in our humanness, to walk more gently on this earth, and to encompass our fullness. I don’t just believe; I know healing is possible. Humans are innately wired to heal and I am devoted to your, to our healing.

I believe in de-stigmatizing and normalizing the vulva, vagina, breasts, menstruation, birth, postpartum period, menopause etc. Normalizing living in a body with a uterus and ovaries, educating people about the absolute importance of these organs and their functions on physical, spiritual and energetic levels throughout our whole lives.

This work is my calling, my art, my craft. I invite you to walk this path with me. To lean in whole body, whole heart and meet me there.


To Healing

Our work together will focus on working with your whole being. Your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual wellbeing will be addressed in our sessions. In witnessing, connection, togetherness. I blend my 14 years of experience and training in our work. This path to healing is team work, unfiltered sharing, and an allowing to be fully seen.

My intention is to meet you where you are. To practice with an open heart, deep integrity, and in service to you and your healing.

My wish for you is that through my work you feel less alone, less broken, less mistrusting of yourself and your body.

My wish for you is that through my work you feel more in sync with your body, trust your innate ability to heal, capable of hearing the whispers within and know, without a doubt, that you are able to take care of yourself and love yourself in a gentle and fierce way. This work lives in you and I hope you are able to witness this, feel this, and know it to be true for yourself. I want you to understand the science of your anatomy and the sacredness of your being.


+ Education

I am Carly Rae, a Structural Integration Rolf Practitioner, Well Womxn Care Practitioner, Full-Spectrum Doula, Somatic Sex Educator and Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner.

I have comprehensive training in many different forms of manual therapy. I specialize in working with the female pelvis, sexual organs, fascia, and scar tissue. Training with Rosita Arvigo, Tami Kent, Ellen Heed, and Kimberly Ann Johnson. I have studied in depth Ida Rolf’s work. Specializing in fascial work, body alignment, and the flow of gravity through our structure.

I utilize hands on manual therapy, trauma-informed care, movement education, breathwork, herbal medicine, mindfulness practices, visualization, and energy healing. I blend science and the sacred honoring all healing pathways.

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