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Holistic Pelvic Care™ (HPC) is a practice that utilizes physical and energetic tools designed to evaluate and restore balance in the pelvic area of the female body. Tami Kent, a women’s health therapist, pioneered HPC™ which helps to increase core muscle strength, enhance pelvic energy vitality, improve sensation, and bring resonance to the pelvic bowl.

Carly Rae | Holistic Pelvic Care & Women's Health Saskatoon, SK

What types of pelvic symptoms may be addressed by HPC?  



  • Clear pelvic congestion and support pelvic wellness

  • Facilitate core energy flow and creative wellness

  • Restore pelvic muscle balance and engagement

  • Support organ health and alignment

  • Alleviate pelvic imbalances

  • Pelvic pain and menstrual problems

  • Support sexual health, libido, orgasm

  • Facilitate pelvic connection and proprioception

  • Encourage self care and root wisdom

  • Enhance fertility and support fertility journey

  • Support transition to menopause and long term vaginal health

  • Prepare for pregnancy

  • Increase post-partum healing

  • Heal traumatic or difficult birth outcome

  • Support healing of miscarriage and birth loss

  • Support effects of cancer treatment and abnormal PAP tests

  • Heal trauma and restore a woman's rightful presence in her bowl

  • Decrease core stress and enhance balance

  • Establish clear energetic boundaries

  • Support full sensation in the pelvic bowl


Most pelvic floor issues are created not by one-time events like pregnancy or a skiing accident (like falling on a hip), but by habits that accumulate over time — especially those habits we all share — sitting in chairs the bulk of every day, not using a squat throughout a lifetime, exposure to chronic stress, and then, of course, doing extreme correctives and overdeveloping tension in the abdomen and pelvic floor.

- Katy Bowman


What can I expect after receiving hPC Care?

Carly Rae | Holistic Pelvic Care & Women's Health Saskatoon, SK


  • Increased blood flow and energy

  • Decreased pelvic pain

  • Improved alignment of fascia, muscles, and organs

  • Restore balanced engagement of pelvic bowl

  • Improved muscle and organ function

  • Cultivate the bodies natural healing potential

  • Restore sense of connection and self worth

  • Restore sensation in the pelvic bowl

  • Improved sexual function

  • A deeper understanding, connection, and awareness of their body

  • Restore fascial balance and elasticity

  • Increased self-esteem and self-empowerment

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$120 / 75 Minute Session*

*prices are subject to change

Carly Rae | HPC Client Experiences
Safe, relaxed and held are the best words I would use to describe the session. Carly made sure that I was comfortable and exuded a warmth and softness while at the same time extreme confidence in what she was doing. She began by working on my stomach and explained things about my diastasis (separation of my abdominal muscles from pregnancy) that no practitioner had told me before.
— Natasha
I am now willing to accept my feminine power. I am my feminine power. Carly opened me up to receiving. Thank you so much again for this deep connection with my feminine power. I cannot stop sharing my story and expressing my connection with my pelvic bowl.
— Courtney

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